I can't read anything about The Beatles without chiming in with my theory that those who don't get it (*all of it*) don't get music.

Critics who blather on about 'weak' songs like I've Got A Feeling reveal a kind of imposter fear. They get all that finicky cerebral detail on Sgt Pepper's and they appreciate the energy of Revolver but they don't understand that rock music is about blood, not brains. IGAF gives me shivers in a way that Strawberry Fields never has. The shambolic groove. Oof. The tension in Paul's voice (you really can hear that he isn't sure about all this). Phwoar. The moment John comes in, all laconic and Johnish and you hear Paul relax. When Paul says 'ooh yeah'. That's the f*cking peak. Suddenly they're having fun. It's just ace.

More Beatles writing to come? I'm so in!

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Dec 4, 2021Liked by Ian Leslie

Thanks for this, Ian. And to add to your collection of inspired responses to the documentary, see Rick Beato on YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzihz9k2B1E. If you don't know Beato, you should. Brilliant and humane music analyst, commentator, player, interviewer.

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I must admit I hadn’t listened to the song in a long time before reading this but what a fantastic song.

I also listened to the “Naked” version which sounded a little disappointing actual, particularly Pauls parts. I wondered what you thought of the “Naked” version or even the whole naked album?

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